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Sweet Marjoram Oil


Sweet Marjoram Oil (30ml) 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – 30ml

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Marjoram oil is distilled from the flowering heads. When fresh it is a greenish-yellow which
turns brown with age. The smell is very aromatic reminiscent of camphor, thyme and cardamom with a
little peppery note. The principal constituents: Over 80 per cent phenols (carvacrol and thymol), with
borneol, camphor, cineol, cymene, pinene, sabinene and terpineol. VitaOils Sweet Marjoram oil is of the
highest grade available, meets the worlds highest standards and is both ISO22000 certified and kosher.
VitaOils guarantees all of our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, return it to us and
we will refund your money or provide a replacement, your choice.

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